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How to follow up with a recruiter

Following up with a recruiter is important because you don’t always have to be the best candidate for the job, but you do have to be the most memorable.

Whether you’ve just applied for a new role or waiting to hear back after an interview, staying on the recruiter's radar is vital.

If you don’t want your job search to be ruined by radio silence, but you also don’t know how to reach out professionally to the recruiter, keep reading.

This article will lay out the best ways to reach out to a recruiter no matter your circumstance.

How to follow up with a recruiter after applying

You’ve submitted your resume but heard nothing back from the recruiter. Maybe they’re just swamped with applications or maybe your submission hasn’t been received.

Following up on your application around one week after applying reiterates your interest and ensures you are being considered for the position.

Be sure to mention briefly why you would perform well within the role and ensure to be courteous and show gratitude for the opportunity.

Sending a personalized email highlighting your application helps you stand out from your competitors.

How to follow up with a recruiter after an interview

After securing and attending an interview you may be feeling hopeful and potentially a little nervous. Be sure not to rush or pressurize the recruiter's decision and allow them time to consider all applicants.

Although, if you would like to reach out to the recruiter after the interview, send a short, concise email thanking them for their time and mention how you are looking forward to hearing back from them.


How to follow up with a recruiter who hasn’t responded

If you have not heard back from the recruiter by the date they specified in the job advertisement, don’t jump to conclusions.

Around one week later get back in contact to reiterate your attraction to the position but be sure to show interest and not desperation.

In your follow-up mail let them know you’re enquiring about any updates regarding the position and offer any extra information if they require it.

Be mindful of your tone and show enthusiasm rather than aggressiveness.


How to follow up with a recruiter after rejection

Everybody feels and deals with rejection differently, but in a professional environment, it is crucial that you still take time to follow up with a recruiter.

Respond to a job rejection by showing great appreciation for the opportunity and thank the recruiter for their time and effort.

You may also like to ask some for some formative feedback by asking questions such as, “Can you offer me some advice for future applications?” or “What skills do you think I am missing for this role?”

At the end of your email, you can request to be considered for any future opportunities where you may be a better fit.

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