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International Women's Day 2023

International Women’s Day is recognized extensively at Phaidon International. Not only is it a celebration of the many progresses, successes, and headways women have achieved both inside and outside of the workplace, but as a leading talent partner we are uniquely positioned to influence hiring strategies of organizations, ultimately impacting their culture.

We are always striving to improve gender representation across our business. Nearly 50% of our global workforce identifies as female, and last year nearly 50% of our female employees received a promotion. In our International Women’s Day Hub, you can discover a number of our female leaders, as well as some policies and initiatives in place to promote diversity and create a more inclusive workforce as we grow as a business.

Leadership Team

Corporate Services is fundamental to the success of Phaidon International. Meet some of our Corporate Leaders, to hear their thoughts on why International Women’s Day is critical to celebrate in the workplace.

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Hear from two leading women in Phaidon International who have truly experienced the benefits of working in our business.

Lucy Parker

“Phaidon International maintains a continuous focus on equality, diversity and inclusion all year round. We have an inclusive and open environment in which everybody is supported to make the most of opportunities and their ambition.”

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Michelle Li

I believe we are all learning to appreciate the benefits of both masculine and feminine attributes in the workplace. Everyone can bring their own strengths, but I do think traditionally feminine qualities such as empathy, nurturing, and creativity are necessary and beneficial in any team, for both women and men.

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Future Female Leader Architects

Meet two leaders at Phaidon International who have been making strides for other women to follow in their footsteps by helping to create The Future Female Leaders Program.

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Future Female Leaders

The Future Female Leaders Program is a bespoke course designed to support women at Phaidon International. We spoke to the attendees to get to know the leaders of tomorrow.

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Phaidon​ International

A number of leaders within Phaidon International ensure that they are encouraging gender diversity in their respective industries. Get to know just six of them and the journeys they have been on so far. 

Konza Akhtar - Selby Jennings

“I think it is very important to have a day like International Women’s Day that acknowledges what women have faced in the workplace, as some of the barriers we deal with are different compared to others. International Women’s Day starts conversations, and conversations are the first step in making changes.”

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Corinna Frye - LVI Associates

​“I think it’s important to help young women coming into the business place to understand that you can ask for more. I count myself as extremely fortunate that our meritocratic promotion system meant that there was never a glass ceiling, there still isn’t.”

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Yacine Fall - DSJ Global

“To gain the strength needed to have the uncomfortable conversations necessary for change, you need to find your allies and mentors. Surround yourself with them, speak to them, use them and it’ll be easier to gain confidence in yourself and your mission.”

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Kayleigh Regan - EPM Scientific

“When I joined, there weren’t many female directors at the time. I didn’t really have that many women role models. But it didn’t stop me. Now there are women in leadership across the business and I am proud to count myself as one of them. I became that person that a younger me would have looked up to.”

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Katie Owston - Glocomms

“International Women’s Day also provides a platform with visibility across so many industries. The sooner young women are exposed to all the possibilities, the more they will ask about how to get there because they see it is possible for them too.”

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Kimberly Chua - Larson Maddox

“International Women’s Day marks a call to action to raise awareness of the challenges women face, especially in the workplace. It is also a time to acknowledge and celebrate how far we have come in terms of the progression of gender equality.”

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